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Construction started in 2022 on the A-NET fibre network. A telecommunications hut was installed at the Beaumont Sport and Recreation Centre and we have started construction in residential neighbourhoods on the west end of Beaumont. Once spring arrives, we will have several crews working in Beaumont to bring A-NET’s fibre to every home and business as efficiently as possible. A-NET has been installing their fibre network in the brand new subdivisions and will continue to do that to minimize construction in these areas. Please be patient with our crews as they work to bring blazing fast fibre optic internet to Beaumont!

Construction has been successfully completed! If you would like to sign up for service, please contact Primus at or 1-877-704-4269

Alberta Broadband Networks (A-NET) has partnered with the Town of Vermilion.

Construction started as scheduled on the 11th of July 2022.

Site work equipment used to install fibre optic cable underground.
Construction workers installing fibre optic line into the ground.
Community BBQ Event celebrating the new fibre optic infrastructure being built!
Several people at multiple tables enjoying a BBQ meal
Four people with shovels buried in the dirt for a ground breaking ceremony.
Six people scooping dirt and tossing the dirt towards the camera using shovels.
Person signing up to receive information from Alberta Broadband Networks .

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